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Rescue. Advocacy. Celebration!

New Orleans Bulldog Rescue (NOBR) is an all-breed dog rescue and advocacy organization, dedicated to furthering the human-canine bond, and advocating for the welfare of dogs in New Orleans and beyond. In addition to rehabilitation and rehoming dogs in need, NOBR coordinates a Bully Care Brigade to visit local hospitals and care centers; a Safe Haven program for pets of domestic violence victims in transition; educational programming on responsible pet ownership, and public campaigns for humane sheltering practices, breeding restrictions, and other efforts to reduce animal suffering. All programs are supported by the NOBR “Canine Aid & Pleasure Club,” which welcomes all human and canine members. 


NOBR is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible, greatly appreciated, and 100% go directly to animal care.


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Adoption Events are usually held on the second Saturday of every month. Due to Covid-19 these are being scheduled month to month to account for Covid precautions and ensure safety of all. During months that we do not hold an event, we will be scheduling meetings with applicants individually. Since we are a small group of volunteers, we can only commit to so many meetings per day, so the process won't work quite as quickly as if you were going to walk into a shelter and walk out with a dog. Thank you for your patience!

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