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Adoption Process 

Step 1 – Fill out a Pre-Adoption Application and/or Attend an Adoption Event

The first step is to have you fill out an adoption application. This application will help us identify which adoptable dogs might be a good fit for your home. You are welcome to attend an adoption event even if you haven't filled out an application.


Step 2 – Application Review

Our application review volunteers will initially screen your application to determine if all necessary information was provided. If not you will be contacted to either fill out another application or provide additional information.


Step 3 – Meeting
Once you have met a dog at an adoption event and would like to adopt, we will set up a private meeting. If you have other dogs, we will introduce them at a netural location and then bring the potential new dog to the home. This meeting will also allow you more time to ask questions about adoption and the transition process.
Please note that we can't arrange individual meetings unless you have submitted an application and attended an event. Please email us at with questions. 


Step 4 – Transition Meeting

A NOBR volunteer will bring the dog to your house and discuss the transition process more in detail.


Step 5 – Adoption Trial Period

All adoptions begin with a trial period. This is the time for you to take the dog to the vet for a full medical exam, and make sure he/she is a good fit for your home. We try to avoid "sink or swim" scenarios, meaning that potential adopters should be prepared to work through any issues during this period with our help.



Step 6 – Offical Adoption Granted

This is our favorite part of the adoption process!




New Orleans Bulldog Rescue is committed to the life, health and well being of every dog we place for the remainder of that dog’s life. Should the adoption not work out or you need to rehome the dog, we require, by contract, that the dog be returned to us. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make appropriate arrangements for the dog.

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