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Fosters Needed!! 


Providing care for our adoptable dogs during the transitional period between being pulled from a shelter or bad situation and finding a forever home is the greatest contribution you can make to our organization. We can only take dogs in to our program when we have a foster home in place.


 Many of the dogs we take in are confused, scared, and have never experienced a positive human relationship. Others have been neglected, but are still extremely friendly and happy as can be. Through foster care, we are able to nurse dogs back to health, and simultaneously provide the affection and safety required for them to feel comfortable. These factors are necessary for the dog’s true personality to appear, and for us to evaluate potential adopters. (Please note that a foster home may have the chance to adopt, but this is not guaranteed.)

New Orleans Bulldog Rescue works closely with foster homes to set up foster families and adoptable dogs for success. We provide ALL supplies, and a transition program to ensure positive results. We work with a team of veterinarians, behaviorists, and volunteers to help you help the dog(s). Our expectation for foster homes is that they stick to the transition plan, bring the dog to adoption events (or help facilitate volunteer transportation), and provide updates.


If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our application and select that you are interested in fostering. APPLICATION


(If you are on our mobile website please click HERE for the application.)

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